Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Yes, Another Slide Show

There were just too many cute pictures of all of our Halloween festivities, so I had to do a slide show to let you all in on the fun!!:)

Halloween Fun

We had such a fun Halloween this year. We went to 4 different Halloween parties,so we got some good use out of our costumes. Here are some pictures of us in our costumes and Karson in a past Halloween costume that is a little small.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Adventure at the Pumpkin Patch

Sorry! I am a little behind on blogging, but I will try and catch up. Karson went on a fun field trip to a pumpkin patch. There was a fun pumpkin hay ride the kids got to go on and pick out a pumpkin, and some fun activities for them to do as well. Karson's favorite things to do were ride a little train they had that went through a corn field, which he rode about 50 times, no joke. He also loved a fun slide they had set up, which he went down about 100 times, no seriously. There was actually a really tall slide set up that was gated off that was like 30-40 feet tall (just guessing) and guess who got through it and slid down head first. HUMMMMMM!!! that would be Karson. I was chatting with another mom when it happened. Me and my gab mouth:) Anyway, I see a worker bolt across the field and get someone off the slide, and there was cute, fearless Karson with a big smile on his face. I wish I could of taken a picture of it, but that was the last thing on my mind at the moment. I am sure everyone thought I was a crappy mom for not seeing this event take place, but if you know Karson, he is a quick, sneaking little bugger. Good times!!!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

What Happens At The Cabin Stays At The Cabin

We had a crazy, out of control girl's weekend, plus one cute little baby boy,Easton, with all of the girls from Jeff's side of the family a few weeks ago. We went up to my Aunt Janet's cabin and pretty much we were eating, laughing, dancing or chilling out throughout the weekend. Oh, I forgot to mention there were a lot of bodily disfuntions as well. I won't go into detail because I want to keep my blog as PG as possible. HEHEHEHE! I had a total blast just getting away and being silly for a couple of days. It was like therapy for me.

Girl's Weekend at the Cabin

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Soccer Is Making Us Broke

This has been a fun and exciting soccer season for our family. It is Karson's first year and it has been so cute to watch him play. His shirt goes down to his knees and he has to tie his shorts as tight as possible so they won't fall off while he is running up and down the field. He is so hilarious because any of you that know Karson, know that he is a stocky boy and he knows how to use it. He bull dozes his way through everyone and anyone to get the soccer ball. His coach says he is like a bull in a china closet.
Kaylen is also doing well with soccer. She has been playing for a few years now and she is getting so good. She is also very aggressive at making her way to the ball. She has been tripped many times, but she jumps right back up and keeps on going. She never gives up, NEVER!!
We decided to reward our kids for all of the goals they make through out the year. We give them one dollar per goal. That was a big mistake! So far we owe Kaylen close to 30 dollars and Karson about the same. They score each like 3-6 goals every soccer game, which is awesome, but not for our pocket book. We had to finally change the rules and stop paying them after 3 goals each or we would have needed to take a loan out just to keep up with all of their goal scoring. It has been a blast watching them learn and grow with soccer. We are very proud of them.:)

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Monday, September 29, 2008

Karson's 2nd Year of Preschool/Fieldtrip to Dinosaur Park

Karson is loving preschool. He has it 3 times a week, but he wishes it was everyday. He gets so mad that Kaylen has school everyday and he doesn't. He is learning to write his name, which has been a bit of a battle because he throws his pencil across the room everytime he doesn't write a letter correctly. Patience is not in his vocabulary, but he is still my little sweetheart.
He just went on a fieldtrip to the Dinosaur park and he had a blast feeding the ducks and fish. He also had fun learning about all of the different types of dinosaurs, and he is glad they are all dead because he doesn't want to be "squooshed" by one.
I think I see a resemblance.
I'm king of the mountain!

You blinked! HAHA!
So True!

I love to pose for the camera.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Kaylen's 1st Day of Second Grade

Kaylen was excited for her 1st day of school. She started at a new school this year because of our move and she wasn't even nervous. She has a good neighbor friend in her class, so I think that helped and her teachers are awesome. They are doing a Wizard of Oz theme throughout the year and that is Kaylen's favorite movie. She also gets to ride the bus home from school and she thinks that is pretty cool. She is doing great so far and is learning so much. She loves to read and her favorite subjects so far are spelling and math. Her goal is to get 100% on 10 spelling tests in a row so she can earn a trip to McDonalds( the coveted golden arches).

Easton's Baby Blessing

Easton had his baby blessing on August 3rd. Jeff gave an amazing blessing. Easton is lucky to have hime as his dad. Here are some pictures of him in his blessing outfit that Jeff's mom got him. Isn't it adorable! My mom crouchade(totally spelled that wrong) him the blessing blanket. Easton has some amazing grandmas who love him very much.

The kids have really enjoyed spending time with their baby brother. Jeff loves to cuddle with him and take little cat naps with him on the couch. So cute!

Kaylen Look-a-Like

Is it just me, or does Easton look like Kaylen? Give me your opinion.

Fun At The Treehouse

Jeff got a couple of days off work and one of the fun things we did as a family was go to the Treehouse. The kids had a blast playing around and I think dad did too.

Dad and Kaylen playing a gaint game of checkers.

This is my idea of fun. Sleep, sleep sleep. zzzzzzzzzzzz.......